As a local church, the Lord has called us to be a people who intentionally, strategically, creatively, and urgently take the gospel to our neighbors and the nations.

That vision will require us to constantly evaluate our methods, leave our comfort zones, climb out of our ruts, and be willing to do something fresh and new to expand God’s kingdom.  It will require a vision of what can and should be.

Our county is growing as professionals, young families, and retirees are relocating here.  This recent growth is bringing a wave of new and fresh opportunities in Powhatan with additional shops, restaurants, schools, and housing developments.  The   New Day capital campaign will enable us to strategically get ahead of the growth curve and intentionally position us to reach the people God is bringing to Powhatan County by sharpening our ministry tools.

For 172 years, Red Lane Baptist Church has met on our current campus.  For a long time, this church has been a gospel beacon to the community.  The New Day campaign will help Red Lane remain relevant to the modern culture by updating the facilities.

There are two components to the project being funded through the New Day campaign.  The first component is the renovation of our foyer, worship center, and small group space on the main level.  The foyer will be expanded and opened up, and it will make an incredible first impression.

The space will be a place for conversation and fellowship in a warm and inviting environment.   The worship center will be given a fresh and modern look.  Our goal is to create a space where individuals and families can easily connect with the Lord and one another during worship services.  The clean appearance of the platform along with the state of the art audio and video systems will enhance the worship experience.  The small group rooms on the main level will meet a great need for our senior adults.  No longer will seniors be asked to go up or down stairs on their way to small groups.  This entire hall will be dedicated to the senior adults, which means they will be able to attend worship and small group on one level.  By doing this, the entire first floor will become dedicated space for our children’s ministry, providing greater security and space.

The second component is necessitated by the first.  A new administration building will be constructed to house the church offices.  It will be a beautiful and modern design, setting the stage for future buildings.   And it will provide a highly professional workspace for the church staff, committees, and ministry teams.

It is a new day in Powhatan County, and we believe it is also a  New Day for Red Lane Baptist Church as we position ourselves to continue serving our community for many years to come.